Cookie policy

This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, which types of cookies are being used on this website, and how you can adjust your cookie preferences at any time when browsing this website.


Cookies and similar technologies such as pixels or tags (together ‘cookies’) are small files or segments of code that can collect information on users when they browse a website. Cookies can be stored on users' devices for a fixed period to facilitate or enhance their browsing experience. Cookies can have various functions and lifespans, as explained below.

Categories of cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are cookies that are essential for a website to work properly. These cookies include, for example, technical cookies which allow users to load and navigate across the pages of a website. These cookies are always active and do not require users’ prior consent.

Other categories of cookies include, among others, functional cookies (i.e., to enhance users’ browsing experience, for example by remembering users’ preferred language or login details), performance measurement cookies (i.e., to collect information such as number of users or session statistics) or targeting cookies (i.e., to create user profiles and show personalized ads or content). Because these cookies are not strictly necessary from a technical standpoint, users’ prior consent is normally required before these cookies are activated.

Lifespan of cookies

Cookies may remain on users’ device for different periods of time. So-called “session” cookies are automatically deleted when users close their browser, while so-called “persistent” cookies remain on the users’ device until a pre-established date. Thanks to persistent cookies, a website can remember users’ actions and preferences (such as login data, the default language, font sizes, additional display settings, etc.) so that they do not need to specify them again when they revisit the website. When a certain time period has been met, persistent cookies are automatically deleted from the users’ device.

First-party or third-party cookies

Finally, a distinction can be made between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are cookies set by the owner of the website itself, while third-party cookies are set by other parties, such as an external service provider (e.g., Google).


In this section, you can find out more about the cookies being used on this website. You can always adjust your cookie preferences with respect to non-essential cookies by clicking on “cookie settings” at the bottom of this page. For more information on third-party cookies, we suggest you read the cookie policy of the external service providers listed below on their respective website (if relevant).